inguinal hernia at the testicles

Usually, when an inguinal hernia reaches the testicles it has assumed the size of a nut, and the situation, even if still not severe, begins to become complicated, in the sense that “it might” become something more serious, generally within the arc of a year or so.

Scrotal-inguinal hernia: this represents the most advanced and evident form. Indeed, the hernia, initially small (the Greek word from which it is derived: ρνος,-ους means ‘germ, ‘bud), has the characteristic of increasing in volume over time, progressively occupying the scrotum.

As the hernia advances little by little inside the scrotal sac, it becomes increasingly more difficult to make it return to its proper location. Initially, more time is required, and there is also more difficulty in lying down in order to understand when it has fully re-entered. Until with passing years, the only way to make it fully re-enter is by means of a very painful squeezing manoeuvre: by taxis.

In this phase, any movement can initiate a strangulation which, if it occurs, requires immediate emergency room treatment, where Taxis is first applied, followed by surgery.

When the hernia descends to the scrotum, the decision to treat it either by surgery or by natural treatments becomes obligatory, also because it will have a tendency to constantly increase in volume.

The use of a truss (hernia belt) is a palliative treatment, which by itself, does not cure a hernia, but is recommended by some physicians, at least for alleviating pain.

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