How does a inguinal hernia manifest


Depending on size, inguinal hernias are subdivided into small, medium and large. In males, they can develop to completely occupy the scrotal sac. The symptoms can vary, depending on the size of the hernia, and personal sensitivity to pain.

The most common symptoms are PAIN and a heavy and/or burning sensation localised in the groin. The pain increases sharply when standing or during physical exertion (even just with coughing, sneezing and defecating) and in any fatigue situation (physical exercise, long walks). There are hernias that begin to cross through the inguinal canal without causing any disturbance, and can be more or less visible.

In the erect position, the hernia tends to increase in size, due to abdominal pressure. On the other hand, in the supine position, the hernia tends to shrink.

While hernias are initially only noticed during physical exertion and coughing, they later expand and become visible: they appear as a globular swelling in the groin, which can remain in place while standing and reducing in size when lying down.

The inguinal hernia worsens by growing in size, becoming increasingly voluminous, until it remains permanently visible and not reducing in size in the abdomen, even when lying down. (irreducible hernia).

One significant symptom of irreducible hernia is constant groin pain, which increases with passing time, accompanied by nausea and diarrhoea, indicating that STRANGULATION is taking place. A significant complication that can prove fatal.

The strangulation is due to the intestines entering the restricted channel and then not being able to exit. The tissues become swollen, which in turn inhibits the blood supply, leading to further swelling of the intestines, resulting in a vicious circle leading to closure of the arteries supplying the herniated intestines.

In such cases, natural remedies are difficult to implement, even if Dr. Shelton has had some success with this latter type of inguinal hernia.

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