Inguinal hernia briefs

truss (hernia belt)

Hernias used to be contained using hernia belts, later replaced by the more comfortable briefs for containing inguinal hernias.

These are only put on when the patient is in an upright position, and removed when the patient is resting. It has no curative effect, the sole purpose of the briefs is to prevent the hernia from expanding and worsening the patient’s condition, and offer immediate pain relief. However, excessive use of a hernia belt over the years leads to deterioration of the inguinal hernia, since the abdominal tissues become weak, and a certain degree of dependency is formed due to the relief obtained.

There is a certain level of disagreement over their use: there are some physicians who don’t prescribe them while others prefer that their patients wear them while awaiting surgery. Medical hygienists prescribe hernia belts for patients during the entire duration of natural treatment.

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