And if your hernia was fake?

Predominantly affects athletes and people who lead an active life: it is the’groin’ also called ‘the sports hernia,’ which in recent years has become a very common disease and is increasingly being mistaken for a hernia. The professor of the University of Varese, Giampiero Campanelli, on the occasion of 110 th National Congress of the Societa’ Italian Surgery (SIC),explains: ‘the sports hernia is characterized by pain in the groin during training, pain that often occurs with extension movements of the thigh, for example, tokick a football or cycling. To suffer are mostly people between 20 and 60 years old, of slim build. And ‘most powerful’ common to see people who have a very hectic life ‘. Are performed each year in Italy 150 000 hernia. Of these, approximately 5% (7500) are actually a ‘fake hernia “. The causes of the pubalgia still unknown, but all patients have a protruding posterior inguinal wall that resembles, in fact, a hernia, which can be cured naturally strengthen theabdominal wall.



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